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Name Born General field of study Geographical field of study
Marvan, Jiří (George J.), Prof. PhDr. Ph.D. 1936-2016 General and comparative Slavonic studies (Baltic Slavs and Prussians including)
Literary criticism (history)
Paleoslavonic studies
Philosophy and aesthetics
Politics, international relations
Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian emigration
Linguistics - Belorussian
Linguistics - Czech
History - Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia)
Literary criticism (history) - Lithuanian and Lettish literature
Linguistics - Lithuanian, Latvian
Linguistics - Old Slavonic language, old church Slavonic language
Linguistics - Polish
Linguistics - Ruthenian
Literary criticism (history) - Ruthenian literature
Linguistics - Slovak
Linguistics - Ukrainian language
Literary criticism (history) - Ukrainian literature
Linguistics - Wendish
Baltic studies - Linguistics
Baltic studies - Literary criticism (history)
Belorussian studies - Linguistics
Belorussian studies - Philosophy and aesthetics
Belorussian studies - Politics, international relations
Czech studies - History
Czech studies - Linguistics
Czech studies - Philosophy and aesthetics
Czech studies - Politics, international relations
General and comparative Slavonic studies - General and comparative Slavonic studies
Paleoslavonic studies - Paleoslavonic studies
Polish studies - Linguistics
Polish studies - Philosophy and aesthetics
Polish studies - Politics, international relations
Ruthenian studies - Ethnography, folklore and ethnology
Ruthenian studies - Linguistics
Ruthenian studies - Literary criticism (history)
Ruthenian studies - Politics, international relations
Slovak studies - Linguistics
Slovak studies - Philosophy and aesthetics
Slovak studies - Politics, international relations
Ukrainian studies - Linguistics
Ukrainian studies - Literary criticism (history)
Ukrainian studies - Philosophy and aesthetics
Wendish studies - Linguistics
Wendish studies - Philosophy and aesthetics

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