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Name Born General field of study Geographical field of study
Havránková, Růžena, PhDr. CSc. 1929-2017 Etnography, folklore and ethnology
History - Balkan
History - Bulgaria
Etnography, folklore and ethnology - Bulgarians
History - Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia)
History - History of Slavonic nations
Etnography, folklore and ethnology - Montenegrins
History - Montenegro
History - Serbia
Etnography, folklore and ethnology - Serbians
Etnography, folklore and ethnology - Slavonic nations
History - Yugoslavia
Balkan studies - Ethnography, folklore and ethnology
Balkan studies - Historiography
Balkan studies - History
Bulgarian studies - Ethnography, folklore and ethnology
Bulgarian studies - Historiography
Bulgarian studies - History
Croatian studies - Ethnography, folklore and ethnology
Croatian studies - Historiography
Croatian studies - History
Serbian studies - Ethnography, folklore and ethnology
Serbian studies - Historiography
Serbian studies - History
Study of Montenegro - Ethnography, folklore and ethnology
Study of Montenegro - Historiography
Study of Montenegro - History

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